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Policy Sales / Registration:

To register for the Campus chosen, you must make the corresponding entry by accessing the website "www.amlesport.cat" and filling out the appropriate registration form.

Registration will be effective when it is paid in full the amount of the campus, up to 3 days before the start of each shift. Registration is personal and not transferable.

Cancellation, no shows and / or abandonment of the Campus by Customer

If a customer decides to cancel the contract Campus, you must notify e-mail to AMLESPORT, SCP. The customer is entitled to a refund of amounts paid'd AMLESPORT, SCP. However, the customer must pay and, where appropriate, AMLESPORT, SCP may withhold the full amount of the damages have been caused to AMLESPORT, SCP among which are the expenses of all kinds incurred AMLESPORT amount SCP to That date.

In order to inform the client of the approximate refund amount and regardless of their subsequent determination, the amount for withdrawal shall be:

75% of the Campus or the amounts contributed towards the total price if the cancellation occurs within 45 days of the date of the Campus.


50% of the Campus or the amounts contributed towards the total price if the cancellation occurs between 31 and 45 days from the date of the Campus.


25% of the Campus or the amounts contributed towards the total price if the cancellation occurs between 16 and 30 days of the date of the Campus.


0% of the price of the Campus or the amounts contributed towards the total price if the cancellation occurs after 15 days of the date of the Campus.



The customer is not entitled to any refund when, once initiated the Campus, she leaves voluntarily, their parents or their legal representatives. It is understood by the concept of "home campus", the first day of the first turn. These penalties will not operate in the event of cancellation by the customer, it is for reasons of force majeure.

Alterations and Incidents Campus

AMLESPORT, SCP is committed to providing consumers with all of the contracted services contained in the Campus, under the conditions and stipulated characteristics. However, the following considerations should be taken into account:

a) In the event that, before the Campus, AMLESPORT, SCP is forced to significantly modify any essential element of the contract, including the price, he must immediately inform the customer. It may terminate the contract without that charge is performed, or accept an amendment to the contract. In the latter case, AMLESPORT, SCP specify the amendments, and their impact on the price of the Campus.

b) The customer shall communicate the decision taken at the earliest, and in any case within three days of being notified modification Campus. In the event that the customer does not notify its decision AMLESPORT, SCP within three days, it is understood that opts for the Campus without penalty.

c) In the event that AMLESPORT, SCP is obliged to cancel some of its Campus for reasons not attributable to the client, or causes in the event that the customer chooses to terminate the contract under the provisions of paragraphs a) b) AMLESPORT, SCP will offer customers an alternative Campus of equal or superior quality, or reimburse the customer all the sums of money paid by the Campus.

d) There shall be no obligation on AMLESPORT, SCP to compensate the consumer when Campus cancellation is due to force majeure, or sufficient cause. last it is understood circumstances beyond those who invokes abnormal, the consequences would have been unavoidable, despite having acted with due diligence.

e) will also be no obligation on the part of AMLESPORT, SCP to compensate customers in the event of cancellation Campus occurs not reach the minimum number of people required for the effective realization. In these cases, AMLESPORT, SCP notify the consumer in writing, at least fifteen days prior to the date of the Campus, which has not reached the minimum number of participants and, therefore, the Campus has been canceled. In the event of cancellation of the Campus for not reaching the minimum number of participants, the customer is entitled to reimbursement of all sums of money paid by the Campus without penalty.

f) Differences and / or claims, according to customers, arising during the development of Campus hired, must be made known to the organization responsible for the Campus, in order to provide a satisfactory solution immediately. In the event that the proposal by the responsible organization is not satisfactory solution for the customer, it will have a period of one month to submit a written complaint AMLESPORT, SCP, which after obtaining the relevant documentation, would have, in turn , a period one month to respond to the complaint by the consumer.

Uses and customs in the Campus develop and binding rules thereof.

The customer agrees to respect the rules relating to hours, compulsory attendance to the various activities, behavior and living with the staff of the organization and facilities, peers, bans consumption of snuff, alcohol and drugs.

In case of default by the customer, lack of discipline, repeated misbehavior or breach of the disciplinary rules, the customer may be expelled from the Campus. In this case, you must bear the expenses arising from anticipated return home, regardless of any responsibility for their business.

Medical, pharmacological and / or surgical treatment

The participant must make known to AMLESPORT, SCP if subjected to a medical and / or drug treatment throughout the duration of the Campus. It is understood that, while starting the Campus, the participant has a perfect physical and mental health and medical information you provide is accurate and complete. Otherwise, the company AMLESPORT, SCP disclaims any liability for the falsity of this information. Also, in the event that, during development of the campus, the participant needs medical treatment and / or be hospitalized and / or operated on without AMLESPORT, SCP was able to locate their parents, guardians or legal representatives, AMLESPORT, SCP it is authorized to take such action as it deems fit for the client's health.

Using the image of consumers

AMLESPORT, SCP reserves the right to use photos and other materials that consumers provide AMLESPORT, SCP through participation in the Campus such as advertising material provided there is no prior express opposition by the consumer. However, tacit authorization to which we refer may be revoked at any time by the consumer, but will be compensated, where appropriate, the damages caused to AMLESPORT, SCP.

Special Conditions of the Campus

1. The participant agrees to respect and comply with the general rules of discipline. Before the breach thereof, acts of hooliganism, assault or damage to facilities or materials, may lead to the expulsion of the participant, and the consequent liability for damages incurred, according to the provisions of Articles 1902 and 1903 of the Civil Code .

2. The possession and consumption of snuff, alcohol or drugs, is prohibited on campus. Breach of the rule will result in immediate expulsion without refund occur.




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